Sicily 2009

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This are photos from my next trip as an archaeological photographer. In the album I show what I managed to photograph after working hours. We stayed in a climatic agritourism near the city of Palazzolo Acreide. Fortunately, during my 10-day stay, I happened to come across a special celebration in honor of Archangel Michael. Palazzolo Acreide was shaking from the sound of gunshots, firecrackers and confetti. In such a smoky atmosphere, the statue of the Archangel was carried out of the church and, at the head of the procession, it traveled on the shoulders of men through the main streets of the city. In addition to Palazzolo, I also visited the Baroque pearl of Sicily - the city of Noto and Syracuse. Noto, as a monument protected by UNESCO, was recently renovated, so its stone buildings on the main street looked very impressive. Syracuse, on the other hand, delights with its dense buildings and the cathedral, which was built on the basis of the Greek temple of Minerva.