Travel to the source of time

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"Journey to the Sources of Time..." is a project in the field of experimental archaeology, prepared by a group of students of the Institute of Archeology of the University of Warsaw and co-organized by the District Museum in Suwałki. A group of 8 people decided to conduct an experiment to verify the available archaeological, iconographic and written sources - regarding the ways of traveling and winter transport in the 10th century AD. They left on December 17, 2007, dressed and equipped as in the Middle Ages. Their goal was to estimate the group's daily walking capabilities and to test the functionality of individual elements of clothing and hiking equipment, such as: backpacks, dishes or crampons. Unfortunately, the weather was not good and there was no snow on which the sleighs were to be checked. The trip lasted 5 days and ran around the Suwałki Landscape Park. The photos come from the last 3 days of the project in the vicinity of Szurpił, Hańcza and Wodziłki.